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Working closely with several of our associates in the high performance transmission and converter business, we offer what we feel to be the best transmissions & converters available for Fords!

D&D has C4, C6, and direct bolt-in Powerglide custom transmissions available for most Ford applications. We also carry 11" converters and custom built 8", 9",9 1/2" & 10" converters to meet everyone's needs! The addition of stock & SFI flywheels & flexplates, SFI certified bellhousings, and SFI trans & flexplate shields makes D&D the obvious choice for your Ford transmission needs.

Product Description
C4 Street/Strip With auto valve body-forward pattern
as low as   $1,399.95
C4 Competition/Race With manual reverse valve body
as low as   $1,599.95
C4 Competition/Race With TRANS BRAKE-Reverse pattern valve body

as low as   $1,699.95

C6 Street/Strip With auto valve body
as low as   $1,399.95
C6 Competition With manual reverse pattern
as low as   $1,499.95
Powerglide Comp With manual valve body--Includes SFI bellhousing installed for direct bolt-in-rated to 750 HP
as low as   $1,699.95
Powerglide Comp With TRANS BRAKE and alloy input shaft--Includes SFI bell installed for direct bolt-in-rated to 850 HP
 as low as   $2195.95

Powerglide Comp

We offer Powerglides for combinations up to 1800+ HP
Please call for quote
Turbo 350 & 400’s Direct bolt in TB 350’s & TB 400’s with Ford SFI bells installed. TB 350 available for up to 850 HP. TB 400’s available for up to 2,000 HP. Great for heavy cars or street cars that require a 3 speed transmission.
Please call for quote
11" Torque Conv. STREET/STRIP--C4 or C6--Approximately 2500 to 2800 RPM stall
10" Torque Conv. STREET/STRIP--2500 to 4000 stall--Available for C4, C6, & PG
10" Torque Conv. RACE VERSION--2500 to 4000 stall--Available for C4, C6, & PG
9.5" Torque Conv. Bracket race--4500-5200rpm stalls--Available for C4, C6, P/G
8" Torque Conv. CUSTOM - C4, C6, & PG - any stall
$899.95 - $1199.95
JW Ultrabell For small block & big block Ford to Powerglide--SFI CERTIFIED. No flexplate shield necessary! Also available for Ford to Turbo 350 & 400.
JW Ultrabell For small block & big block Ford C4's--SFI CERTIFIED. No flexplate shield necessary!
JW Ultrabell For small block or big block Ford to AOD trans SFI. No flexplate shield necessary!
JW Wheel-dual converter bolt patterns-Ford & GM SFI certified flexplates for C4,C6 & P/G all engines/balances


Extreme Duty 460 SFI flexplate for Powerglide/GM swap. Has both Ford& GM converter patterns. Optional crank adapter bushing also available! can be used for P/G /GM conversion or Ford trans 


C4 Bellhousing 157 tooth--Brand new! Much stronger than oem! Not SFI cert.
Flexplate Shield Available for C4, C6 & Powerglide--small or big block SFI
Transmission Shield SFI certified for Powerglide auto transmission
Transmission Shield SFI Certified for Ford C4 & C6 auto transmission
Flexible Trans Dipstick for C4, C6 & Powerglides, TB‘s Braided stainless steel-simplifies installation when using a trans shield or when doing an engines/trans swap.
Rebuild Components & Kits etc. Transmission rebuild & upgrade parts available - please call with your needs!  Bands/clutches/valvebodies/input shafts etc.
Please call for quote

Some of these components may not be legal for street use.
Prices & availability are subject to change without notice!

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